“millenial post-apocalypse is all I spit”(Fantastic Four 3030)

This Title Purposefully Left Blank.

In addition to this blog, I also have a tumblr, linked to above. The latest post to said Tumblr involves the Fantastic 4 arc starting in April, which promises the Fantastic Four of 3030.

You know what my mind leapt to, right?

That’s right, Deltron 3030. They’re even releasing a new album later this year, so it would also work as some kind of marketing, and if there’s anything Marvel or Disney likes, it’s plastering logos on everything like it’s that fucking portlandia skit. It’s the perfect marriage! The concept album that feels the most like a Marvel comic actually becoming part of a Marvel comic. Seriously, the rundown, corporate-controlled, so-devoid-of-culture-they-rerun-the-Mr-T-cartoon-from-the-eighties-that-featured-Mr-T-punching-an-alligator-and-still-wasn’t-any-good-and-it-is-remembered-fondly, rap-tournament-centric future of Deltron 3030 seems like something right near the AoA universe in the Multiversal Map of Dystopias. And it would give me a reason to buy something with as shit a cover as that. Seriously, why the need for that leaf to be right there? At least make it bigger. Big Ben Grimm’s got more dignity than that. the Kaluta cover, however? GORGEOUS. there’s more in the tumblr entry, but I think I got all my thoughts down here.

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