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OOOH LA DI DA I READ SOME COMIC BOOKS:New Teen Titans: Games and Officer Downe

The New Teen Titans: Games (Wolfman/Perez, DC Comics, 2011) I just really did not enjoy the dialogue in this one. It’s basically an old Teen Titans story that didn’t make it to print on time, and has only now been … Continue reading

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Wondermark » Archive » True Stuff: Intellectual property Part 2! Foreign Copyright

Wondermark » Archive » True Stuff: Intellectual property Part 2! Foreign Copyright. Damn good article about copyright laws circa the mid-1800s by David “Wondermark” Malki !.

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Sometimes you have to separate the art from the artist.

Sean Witzke’s  recent post about the recent Before Watchmen stuff. David Brothers’ post about the Kirby suit, and the exact same conscience crisis I’m feeling now. You know, I really don’t want to feel like shit for buying comics I … Continue reading

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Serious Business: How I Feel About The Watchmen Prequels

So, people have opinions about the whole Before Watchmen thing. Well, I do too. Watchmen is a great comic, the first comic I read that wasn’t an old OHTMU issue or whatever random kids imprint thing I got off a … Continue reading

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