Serious Business: How I Feel About The Watchmen Prequels

So, people have opinions about the whole Before Watchmen thing.

Well, I do too. Watchmen is a great comic, the first comic I read that wasn’t an old OHTMU issue or whatever random kids imprint thing I got off a comics rack at the video rental place. It was my dad’s old, ragged copy, entrusted to me in good faith. So I have a somewhat personal connection to Watchmen.

For some reason, I really can’t get all that up in arms about “Oh, they’re ruining Watchmen for a quick buck!” Watchmen will still be in print(somewhat unfortunately for Moore and Gibbons) and I will still be able to read that story on its own merits. Look at Batman: Year One. They made a sequel. 2 sequels, in fact. Are they any good? I’ll be charitable and say that’s debatable. Do they tarnish the original? No. Batman Year One still works as a story in its own right, and those sequels have been rightly forgotten.

Look at DKR. It had a sequel in DKSA. It had a prequel in ASBAR. Opinions are divided on those, to say the least. Yet I can still read DKR and enjoy it without the events of those two impacting my reading of it as a story in its own right.

So the point of this is: the prequels won’t affect your personal enjoyment of Watchmen unless you let them. It’s a shitty thing to do on DC’s part, but that’s corporations. They do shitty things. That is their nature. However, that’s not to say these prequels are necessarily shit. They seem to have brought in talented creators who plan to do the best they can with this opportunity to expand on the already detailed universe Moore and Gibbons created. I can’t pass judgement on any of these, as I haven’t seen the finished product.

Also, c’mon, man. Darwyn Cooke. Guy’s the bomb.

EDIT: And a second opinion, from myself. Odd how a human mind can try to contain 2 antithetical opinions, isn’t it?

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