Things I Have Enjoyed This Week

I am “currently”(in the sense that I have been reading it recently, but not at this exact moment) reading Sex, Drugs and Cocoa Puffs by Chuck Klosterman, after hearing the Adam Warrock song “Chuck Klosterman” and thinking “Hey that sounds interesting, maybe I should see if the library has it.” Note that this type of sentiment has not pushed me to get any further in A Game Of Thrones than I got over winter vacation or start on the Ta-Nehesi Coates articles page I have in another tab at this very moment, and I feel kind of bad about that.

On the book tip, I have a Flashpoint hardcover from the library I have not gotten to live-tweeting yet, as well as a Jeph Loeb comic I have not gotten around to live-tweeting yet. Maybe Saturday.

I have been loving the new season of Eagleheart. It is just so good.

The idea of mashing up The Roots’ “75 Bars(Black’s Reconstruction)” and “96 Tears” by ? And The Mysterians and calling it “75 Tears” by ?uestlove and the Mysterians has been bouncing around my head lately.

I need to listen to more Missy Elliot.

Also enjoyed this week: Grandville by Bryan Talbot, which was a fun story and had zeppelins and steam-powered opium dens and talking animals being racist towards humans, but just kind of struck me wrong with the art, which just kind of didn’t look right in that way that Brian Bolland pictures can sometimes look not quite right. That Missy Elliot video on the bottom above this paragraph kind of felt the same way, in that it looked a little too computery to really mix well, but with the Missy video, the chunks really add to the creepy vibe, whereas with this it just doesn’t quite match up, but not to such a degree that it doesn’t read comprehensibly.

I read a few older Swamp Things, that Rick Veitch period before he got kicked off. I am liking them.

Free Comic Book Day is in the air, and I am pumped.

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