Comics Sale – NOW WITH DVDS

I’ve got a lot of comics, and I’d like to sell a few of them off. If you’re interested in any of the offers below, hit me up at @nieljacoby on twitter. All prices include shipping. I will also send pics of the items on request, of course.

The Rocketeer Adventure Magazine(full run, #1 and #2, good condition): $15

Tomb Of Dracula #45(Marvel Value Stamp clipped out: $8

V For Vendetta(full run, 1988 DC reprints): $25

DC And Marvel Present: The Uncanny X-Men And The New Teen Titans(binding somewhat loose, but condition otherwise good): $13

What If #27: What If Phoenix Had Not Died?: $15

Miracleman #1-3, 5: $18 as a bundle

Miracleman #14(right before THAT ISSUE): $15

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles(origin story reprint graphic novel by First Comics from 1986): $20

GI Joe: A Real American Hero #1(cover slightly loose): $18

Matt Wagner’s Grendel(Full run, #1-#40, great condition): $70 or best offer

Dark Horse Presents Fifth Anniversary Special(First appearance of Sin City): $25 or best offer

The Discworld Graphic Novels(comics adaptation of The Colour Of Magic and The Light Fantastic): $10

Arkham Asylum: A Serious House On Serious Earth: 15th Anniversary Edition: fuck it, just make an offer, I’m never gonna read it again.

The Invincible Iron Man: Volume 7: My Monsters(has that one annual with The Mandarin that’s real good, also no slipcover): $10

Green Arrow: The Longbow Hunters(Full Prestige miniseries): $10

Crying Freeman: Volume 1(Prestige Format 8-issue reprint of some bonkers Kazuo Koike comics): $20 or best offer

Taboo Bundle(#2, 3 and 5, includes early installments of From Hell and Lost Girls): $25 or best offer)

The Shadow: Blood And Judgement TPB(Original 1986 DC printing, decent condition): $13

Black Orchid(Full prestige mini, early Neil Gaiman DC work): $12

Swamp Thing #76-87(by Rick Veitch and assorted artists): $25 or best offer

Swamp Thing #88-109(by Doug Wheeler and assorted artists): $35 or best offer

Swamp Thing #111-120, Annual #6(By Nancy A. Collins and assorted artists): $15 or best offer

Manhattan Projects #1-11, 13(slightly damaged cover on #1(third printing), otherwise pristine): $20 or best offer

Daredevil #1-7,9-10,12,14-34(Mark Waid series, all first printing non-variants): $45 or best offer

Captain America Annual #8(great condition): $35 or best offer

Longshot(all 6 issues of the Nocenti/Adams miniseries): $15 or best offer

The ‘Nam Issues #1-17: $20 or best offer

A Portal Into The Bizarre: 3 random Beautiful Stories For Ugly Children issues: $10

Dial-A-Comic: Get a random selection of 4 comics from my collection: $10

Dial-A-Comic 2: This Time It’s More: 8 random comics from my collection: $15

DVDS(prices include shipping):

UNFORGIVEN 2006(John Cena/Edge in a TLC Match): $6

MONEY IN THE BANK 2011(CM Punk/John Cena in a ***** match, all-time great card): $9

EXTREME RULES 2012(John Cena/Brock Lesnar in an Extreme Rules match, also a very good card): $8

10 YEARS OF SMACKDOWN Box Set(counts down top 100 moments in Smackdown history, includes some full matches): $13

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