Jem Crockett Promotions, Week 1

In Jem Crockett Promotions, I attempt to run Jim Crockett Promotions as Jem, international pop star.

Our first order of business is to renew the contracts of Ricky Steamboat and Terry Funk. Ricky is willing to renew with us, but…

Fuck. I guess Funk is gone.

Next up is a look at our feuds. We’ve currently got a Magnum TA vs Wahoo McDaniel feud for the US title, and a Paul Jones vs Charlie Brown From Outta Town feud featuring Superstar Billy Graham, The Barbarian, and Manny Fernandez. However, we don’t have a feud for our reigning world champion Ric Flair. Given that Terry Funk is leaving when his contract expires, he’s good for a few title defenses, but we’ll need a long term program for Flair. Our only heel main eventers(to face our face champ Flair, we could have a face vs face program, but if we eventually choose to turn Flair heel we don’t want to have given away those matchups) are Dory Funk Jr. and Superstar Billy Graham, who is already involved in the Charlie Brown From Outta Town feud. We could also hire an outside worker to face Flair and bolster our heel roster.

Note: Bringing in Savage, Bockwinkel, Abdullah, or Brody would run the risk of us running a show on a night when they are unavailable, as they are employed on a PPA basis by one or more other companies.

We also have no feud for our NWA TV Champion Tully Blanchard. This is a more straightforward choice between Ole Anderson and Ricky Steamboat.

Both polls will end next week, or whenever it’s convenient for me.

Our first week of TV:

Billy Graham will be out of action for 27 days with a Dislocated hip.

Elsewhere in the world:



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